4 reasons why you need 

lighting consultation

01. Get Product Knowledge

Explore the latest designs tailored to your needs.

02. Consult With Expert

Experts well-versed in lighting to offer precise guidance.

03. Get Undivided Attention

Receive dedicated customer support and thorough site audits with lumens and CCT recommendations.

04. Get 100% Cashback

Redeem 100% value back as a Gift Code for any website or app purchase.

Rs. 4,000.00
  • Receive a 100% Cashback Gift Coupon equal to your lighting consultation fee. This Gift Code, valued at Rs 2,000/-, 3,000/- or 6,000/- , can be used for any website or app purchase.

    Upon booking your consultation, our lighting expert will promptly schedule a visit to your site, typically within 4 to 10 days based on availability. You can expect confirmation of this timeframe within 24 hours of placing your order.

How does this work ?

  • Book Lighting Consultation: Choose your city, click "Book Lighting Consultation," and proceed to payment.

  • Schedule the Visit: After payment, expect a call from Harold's team to discuss your project and schedule a visit from a lighting expert based on your preferences and their availability.

  • Site Audit: Upon arrival, the executive will conduct a comprehensive site audit, reviewing architectural drawings, assessing proposed interior designs, measuring room areas, and taking detailed notes.

  • Your Preference: Following the audit, the executive will consult with you to grasp your project vision, budget, and requirements.

  • Final Deliverable: Our team of experts will craft a detailed email within 3 to 5 business days, outlining recommended lumens, light quantities, CCT, and suitable options.

what do i get ?

As the final deliverable, you will receive comprehensive guidance on ideal lighting for your project, including room-by-room assessments, facade lighting suggestions, and staircase lighting recommendations (if applicable). This detailed audit will feature lumen and CCT recommendations for each room. Additionally, we'll propose innovative products from our website, with the option for you to decide whether to make a purchase.

How to use the Gift Code ?

Upon booking your lighting consultation, you'll receive a gift card via email. If you haven't received it, contact us at support@haroldelectricals.com, and we'll resend it to your email and phone. To utilize the gift card:

1. Add products to your cart as usual, then proceed to Checkout.
2. Select "Gift card" (if not visible, enable it from the Payments settings).
3. Enter the gift card number.
4. Tap "Redeem" to apply it.

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We acknowledge that every project is a dream in the making. Let's ensure it's perfected from the start, providing the satisfaction of ideal ambient and task lighting decor.

Consult with our experts, who have dedicated thousands of hours to understanding the nuances of various housings and collaborate daily with industry leaders to determine the optimal solutions tailored to your needs.