3 Lighting Tricks For Your Beautiful House

Lighting can be fun to play around, but if done right with few handy tips and tricks it can really bring out the value in your interior. So here are 3 most simple and super affordable tricks to light up any room or hallways in your house 

1. Use Wall Sconces Instead Of Overhead Lights

Overhead lights cause shadows on our faces which is not what we want when getting ready for work or going out.They also tend to amplify wrinkles.

Wall sconces on other hand when placed at right position illuminate the face beautifully cause they make light travel across the room to you rather than down at you from above. Normally all sconces have shield and hence that prevents the glary and hash effect providing more cozy ambience. Besides the bathroom, they can also be applied in hallway, bedroom.

Do yourself a favour and invest in some sconces, checkout our beautiful range of wall sconce here 

Wall sconces

2. Plant Some Lights 

Plants Plants Plants - They are amazing for interior. they fill empty corners and most importantly they give a feel of living in nature

So here’s what you can do, invest in some uplights on large plants in your house. Install them behind the plant and it will just look amazing in the evening when you lit them up. You can also use some garden spike lights which you can place in soil in the garden and can light up the outdoor plants. 

Garden spike lights

Or you can use some overhead lights for indoor plants like this 

360 degree cob spotlight

3. For Dark Rooms

Place a mirror opposite to your window and watch the light do all the work itself in lighting your room. The bigger the mirror the better. Mirrors naturally reflect light on their own but when placed opposite can really do the trick in amplifying the light in your room or hall

Mirror to reflect light in interior

Hope these tricks do the magic in your room. In the end a light has the immense potential in lifting your mood and experiencing more out of your life, don't miss out on your amazing potential. Keep inspiring and have a bright life ahead... Cheers !