Award Wining Design Series

  • Unified Theme

    Effortlessly establish and maintain a unified theme

  • Consistent Aesthetic Appeal

    Consistency in style creates a polished and unified aesthetic appeal 

  • Versatile Coordination

    Easier to coordinate different lighting elements within a room

  • Enhanced Lighting Scheme

    Whether it's matching pendant lights, wall sconces, or floor lamps, a shared design language contributes to a thoughtful and intentional lighting arrangement

  • Streamlined Shopping Experience

    Simplify your decision-making by exploring various fixtures within the same design family, ensuring a seamless and complementary look in your space

Black Mamba Series 

Starting from Rs 3,399/- 

Gratus Series 

Starting from Rs 22,999/- 

Blaze Series 

Starting from Rs 14,999/- 

Snake Eye Series 

Starting from Rs 3,999/- 

Uvae Albae Series 

Starting from Rs 17,999/- 

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Are the prices inclusive of GST ?

Yes, all prices include 18% GST.

What about the shipping charges ?

Certainly! All domestic shipping is free, while for international orders, we apply nominal logistic charges.

What about the Installation ?

Certainly! We offer installation assistance via video call for your convenience. Additionally, all our articles are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring easy installation.

What about cancellation, return and refund ?